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Monthly Archives: December 2020


Shoplifting In Seminole Can Result In Serious Criminal Penalties

By Justin Reep |

Shoplifting may seem like a relatively minor matter or even a harmless prank, but it can result in serious criminal charges in Seminole. Depending on the value of the items stolen, you could be facing heavy fines and a potentially lengthy jail sentence. With the upcoming holiday season approaching, shoplifting crimes are likely to… Read More »

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Six Common Reasons For Being Falsely Accused Of A Crime

By Justin Reep |

Being accused of any type of criminal charges in Seminole is a serious matter. Going through the process of being arrested and having to appear before a judge is harrowing even for the most¬† hardened criminals. If you have never been in trouble with the law or are falsely accused, the experience can be… Read More »

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