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Former State Prosecutor On Your Side!
Criminal Defense

Anyone accused of a crime is entitled to a presumption of innocence and representation in a court of law. Our team is ready to present the facts of your case.

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DUI Representation

A DUI conviction is more than just a black mark on your record. Protect your good name and maintain your ability to work and provide for members of your family.

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Violation of Probation

Once a judgment has been finalized, our firm is ready to keep you out of jail should you be accused of violating probation. You need representation at bond hearings.

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Seminole Personal Injury Attorney

Let Reep Coleman & Stubbendorff be your voice whenever you have been injured through another person’s negligence. Our Seminole personal injury attorneys are ready to meet with you and hear your story. In the aftermath of an accident, you should be focusing on your recovery. Dealing with doctors and the insurance company can take a toll on your mental wellbeing, so it helps to have a representative who cares about the outcome of your case.

An accident never occurs at the most convenient time, and your injury could affect your ability to work and provide for your family. Any lost time at work could lead to missed car payments, a home foreclosure, or something potentially worse. You need to use the courts as a way to hold the negligent accountable and to secure the care you need to recover quickly.

Our Seminole injury attorneys are ready to deal directly with your insurance company and the organization that caused your pain. Where your injury occurred makes a big difference as well. Our founding attorney has extensive experience litigating cases involving traffic accidents and incidents out on roadways. We gather the facts and present them in a timely fashion to the court for judgment.

Criminal Defense

Respond to any criminal accusation filed against you in a court of law with the reasoned representation offered by Justin Reep at Reep Coleman & Stubbendorff. Justin is an experienced Seminole criminal attorney who acts as your voice during any criminal proceeding and subsequent bond hearing.

The challenges of life are often litigated in a court of someone else’s choosing, which makes your selection of a lawyer all the more critical. Take control of your legal situation and work directly with a lawyer that understands the accusation and the relevant case law surrounding the filing.

Marriages end and families split apart. Unless you have a capable lawyer in your corner, the other side could end up with everything you own. This firm was founded by a former state prosecutor who understands how the other table operates. Your case deserves attention, and your rights are worth fighting for. Protect your good name and the livelihood of your children with our approach to criminal defense and family mediation.

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More Than Just A Criminal Defense Attorney

A foundational ideal of the American system of justice is the presumption of innocence and the right to counsel. But many have begun to feel as though justice is a fleeting concept only attainable for some. Whether you have been injured by a negligent employer, been arrested or accused of a crime, served a divorce filing by an estranged spouse, you need guidance and support during these trying times.

Justice Scales A Full Understanding of Family Law

Carefully unwind a marriage and secure a reasonable separation of assets with our lawyer by your side. Reep Law does the homework to ensure you get the spousal support you need to care for any children in your custody. Should you face a license revocation due to a civil or criminal traffic violation, our traffic lawyer is ready to step in with a solution.

Contact Reep Law Firm today to establish a connection with a former prosecutor who understands the system. Proudly serving clients throughout Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough, Manatee, and Sarasota Counties from the office in Seminole, Florida.