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Seminole Criminal Attorney

Tell your side of the story and avoid the pitfalls that come with any trial proceeding with the help of an experienced Seminole criminal attorney. Whether you stand accused of petty theft or driving on a suspended license, your freedom and your reputation are at risk. You deserve a day in court, and you need a lawyer with a full understanding of the entire process.

Justin Reep at The Reep Law Firm is guided by a belief in the innocence of the accused and his years of experience as prosecutor. His office is ready to take your call as soon as you are notified of any charges. We take the time to listen, and we offer free consultations for those in need of an experienced trial attorney.

Instead of wasting valuable time guessing your way through a process that could affect your job and your family, make the call to a law office that treats every defendant with the respect they deserve. Justin has worked on countless trials, and he understands how the state attorney approaches almost every misdemeanor and felony cases he tries. Put that experience to good use during your criminal proceeding.

A Trial Attorney with a Difference

Communicate directly with a trial lawyer who understands both sides of the courtroom. To the outside observer, a criminal court proceeding may seem fascinating. But this process is riddled with complexities that can leave an innocent person feeling lost and hopeless.

A basic law degree may seem like enough, but experience matters a great deal when it is you sitting in that courtroom on trial. Larger firms may have the specialization needed to represent you in your specific trial, but they often lack the ability to communicate with you on a personal level. The Reep Law Firm takes every client seriously, and that begins with a free consultation.

Tactics and Tendencies

Do you understand the differences between a civil speeding ticket and a criminal traffic citation? The details involved with criminal law can often make a big difference in the outcome, and the client’s ability to continue working during any proceeding. Former prosecutors understand criminal law better than most new lawyers, and that added insight can make a difference in your case.

Contact Our Experienced Seminole Criminal Defense Attorneys

Choose an aggressive Seminole criminal attorney who takes the time to get things right. Justin Reep gives you an advantage that your family and friends will appreciate once the trial has concluded.

Contact us today to work with a Seminole criminal defense attorney with personal experience as a prosecutor. He proudly serves clients throughout Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough, Manatee, and Sarasota Counties from the office in Seminole, Florida.

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