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Redington Beach Auto Accident Attorney

There are a lot of bad drivers out on the road, and this problem seems to be growing worse by the year. Aggressive driving, road rage, and mindless texters are causing crashes by the thousands every week here in Florida. Fortunately, many of these crashes are low-speed, or the victims escape unscathed thanks to ever more advanced safety technology. But not everyone is so lucky. If you were injured in a car crash, the Redington Beach auto accident attorney at Reep Coleman & Stubbendorff is available to take on your case, file a personal injury claim, and sue the negligent party if their insurance company refuses to cooperate in the negotiation process. We take every case seriously, and fight tooth and nail for our clients because we know just how much justice means to you and your family.

Top Three Types of Drivers Who Cause the Greatest Number of Fatal Car Crashes

  • Drunk Drivers—Drunk drivers kill nearly one out of three people who die in traffic collisions. Their victims are disproportionately pedestrians, though thousands of vehicle occupants lose their lives to drunk drivers every year as well.
  • Speeders—Speeding is the most prevalent form of aggressive driving, and is a factor in nearly one out of three fatal auto collisions. While auto safety standards have improved dramatically in the last two decades alone, no number of airbags or crash prevention technology can save someone if the forces during a collision are great enough.
  • Distracted Drivers—Like speeders, this category encompasses virtually all drivers, at least to a certain degree. The percentage of drivers who use a cell phone at least once most of the time they get behind the wheel has skyrocketed in the last few years. Texting and driving, making or answering calls, using GPS, and any other feature of a phone causes some amount of distraction.

Hit and Run Crashes

Hit and runs are growing in frequency as police enforcement continues to decline, and the average driver believes they can get away with more and more egregious acts. If you were hit by a hit and run driver, and that driver is never caught, you can seek compensation from your own insurance company under your Uninsured Motorist (UM) policy.

Your uninsured motorist policy can also be used to cover gaps in compensation if a driver did not commit a hit and run, but if they simply had minimal insurance that does not fully cover the damages they caused. And can—of course—a UM policy can be used in the event that the driver was fully uninsured. Nearly one in four Florida drivers have no insurance at all, which is illegal but this still does not stop them from choosing to get behind the wheel.

Call a Redington Beach Auto Accident Lawyer at Reep Coleman & Stubbendorff Today

Traffic collisions and the injuries they result in are one of the leading causes of debt in America. If you were injured, you should not be stuck with the bill. To speak with an experienced Redington Beach auto accident attorney at Reep Coleman & Stubbendorff today, call 727-330-6502 to schedule a free consultation.

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