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Seminole & Largo Injury Lawyers > Johns Pass Bicycle Accident Attorney

Johns Pass Bicycle Accident Attorney

Johns Pass boasts fantastic scenery and year-round riding conditions, yet unfortunately crashes are all too common as distracted drivers, road rage, speeders, and other irresponsible motorists hog the road and inevitably hit and seriously injure the most vulnerable road users; cyclists do not have the benefit of roll cages and crumple zones. If you or a loved one were injured in a bike crash, it is your right to demand compensation to cover your economic and non-economic damages. This involves compiling an assessment of damages, such as medical expenses, pain and suffering and loss of joy of life; proving fault; filing a claim with all liable parties, and potentially your own insurance company; negotiating a fair settlement; and much more. There is a lot that goes into a winning personal injury claim, which is why just about all injured bike crash victims understand the importance of seeking expert legal assistance. The Johns Pass bicycle accident attorney at The Reep Law Firm has been achieving success for our clients for years, and are confident in our ability to deliver you the result you are looking for.

Defensive Riding Only Goes So Far

It does not take much time for a new cyclist to learn the ropes of riding among much larger, faster, and usually poorly driven motor vehicles. Cyclists quickly learn defensive riding strategies, what to watch out for, and how to stay alive on the roads, because the amount of attention it requires to ride in traffic is significantly more than required to drive among it, and the stakes are significantly higher as well. Unfortunately, no matter how experienced of a cyclist you are, there are certain situations in which no amount of caution or skill can prevent a crash. A few of the most common types of bike vs. car collisions include the following:

  • Getting doored—A driver exits a parked car, opening a door directly into a cyclist’s path.
  • Getting right-hooked—A driver makes a right turn across the bike lane or side of the road, which is occupied by a cyclist.
  • Being cut off from a side street—The driver pulls out from a parking lot, side street, or driveway, cutting the cyclist off and potentially causing a T-bone crash in which the cyclist impacts the side of the vehicle.
  • Getting hit from behind— There are virtually no strategies to prevent oneself from being hit from behind by a distracted, drunk, road rage, or speeding driver.
  • Getting cut off from a left-turning vehicle—An oncoming driver in the opposite lane decides to cut across the cyclist’s path at an intersection, or from a center turn lane, hitting the cyclist from the side or causing the cyclist to T-bone the vehicle.

Call a Johns Pass Bicycle Accident Lawyer at The Reep Law Firm Today

Our Johns Pass bicycle accident attorney understands the anger, frustration, trepidation, and downright depression that you are likely going through following this traumatic experience. We are here to help you hold the driver responsible by seeking maximum compensation. Call The Reep Law Firm today at 727-330-6502 to schedule a free consultation.

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