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Seminole & Largo Injury Lawyers > Indian Rocks Beach Personal Injury Attorney

Indian Rocks Beach Personal Injury Attorney

All members of society, including corporations and municipalities, are obligated by a duty of care to act in a reasonably careful and prudent manner so as to avoid causing harm to others. If this duty is breached, resulting in injury and damages to another party, that injured party has the right to bring a personal injury claim and lawsuit against the negligent party. Here at The Reep Law Firm, our Indian Rocks Beach personal injury attorney represent clients who have been wronged by careless and reckless drivers, or individuals who have otherwise caused injury to our clients. We understand how devastating this traumatic experience has been for you and your loved ones, and we will work tirelessly to do everything we can to right this wrong as best possible.

Personal Injury Claims We Handle

Our Indian Rocks Beach personal injury attorney take on most types of personal injury cases, including the following:

What Type of Financial Compensation Can I Get by Filing a Claim?

As a plaintiff, you stand to be reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses, such as medical bills and property damage. But compensation usually does not stop there for moderate to serious injuries. A personal injury claim will seek full compensation for all of your medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, lost earning ability, emotional distress, loss of joy of life, and more.

For victims with high medical bills, we will do everything in our power to limit clawback—the practice health insurance companies use to take back money won in a settlement or lawsuit verdict to cover their costs. For example, a severely injured pedestrian’s hospital bills alone might amount to $250,000, while their full damages, including pain and suffering, amount to $750,000. This would not be out of the question for a serious pedestrian injury case. If the at-fault party’s insurance policy is capped at $400,000, and plaintiff’s UM policy is $100,000, and there is no way to obtain additional compensation, the plaintiff’s take-home (after their lawyer’s 30 percent contingency fee) of the $500,000 will be $350,000. Here is where clawback really impacts the plaintiff: if the plaintiff’s health insurance company claws back the full sum of $250,000 in medical bills, the plaintiff will be left with only $100,000—not nearly as much as they deserve. We can help eliminate or reduce clawback so that this does not happen to you.

Call an Indian Rocks Beach Personal Injury Lawyer at Reep Coleman & Stubbendorf Today

Even minor to moderate personal injury claims are worth a significant amount of money. This is because the cost of medical care, property damage, and other expenses are so high. If you were injured and it was someone else’s fault, you have every right to seek fair compensation by reaching out to an Indian Rocks Beach personal injury attorney at The Reep Law Firm. Call us today at 727-330-6502 to schedule a free consultation.

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