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Madeira Beach Personal Injury Attorney

Getting hurt in a traffic collision or other personal injury incident is a terrifying experience. Most victims are left guessing after they leave the hospital—who is responsible, and who has to pay all of the bills if the victim themselves were not to blame? A personal injury attorney can help you file a claim, represent you in the negotiation process, and accomplish much more. The Madeira Beach personal injury attorney at The Reep Law Firm is here to answer all of your questions about liability, fault, damages, and the personal injury claim and lawsuit process.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

  1. Investigate Your Case—An experienced, professional Madeira Beach personal injury lawyer will undoubtedly work on a contingency fee basis. They do not get paid unless they win your case. As such, an attorney will investigate your claim to ensure that it is a winning case before offering to take it on and represent you.
  2. Gather Evidence and Prove Liability—An attorney will work with police, crash scene forensic experts, and other parties to prove that the other party (or parties) caused the crash or incident. Other parties, such as auto-makers, may also be liable. If the other driver was uninsured or minimally insured, your own auto insurance company may also be held liable under your UM policy.
  3. Establish Damages—Establishing damages in serious injury cases takes a long time, because not only do all of your medical expenses have to be calculated, but all future medical costs, lost earning ability, pain and suffering, loss of joy of life, and other damages must be accurately assessed.
  4. File a Personal Injury Claim—Once damages are established, your attorney will file a personal injury claim with all liable parties.
  5. Negotiate With Insurance Companies—The negotiation process takes time and patience as insurance companies typically drag their feet.
  6. File a Lawsuit—If the other party is acting in bad faith during negotiations, or their offers are simply far too low, your attorney will then file a lawsuit, which starts the clock ticking down to a court hearing, putting pressure on the other side.
  7. Represent You in Mediation—Mediation often occurs before a hearing in order to give the parties an additional chance to settle the lawsuit out of the courtroom.
  8. Represent You in Court—If mediation and further negotiations fail, your attorney will represent you in court by arguing your case in front of a judge and jury.

Call a Madeira Beach Personal Injury Lawyer at The Reep Law Firm Today

Whether you suffered whiplash and a concussion, or you are still in the hospital recovering from surgery, an attorney can help you understand your rights, and file a personal injury claim on your behalf, demanding fair and just compensation for the damages that the other careless or reckless party caused. The Madeira Beach personal injury attorney at The Reep Law Firm aggressively advocates for our clients’ best interests, and are prepared to do the same for you and your loved ones. Call us today at 727-330-6502 to schedule a free consultation.

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