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Redington Beach Injury Attorney

There is no amount of money that can make up for a serious or catastrophic injury, especially when the injury was caused in a traumatic manner, such as a car crash or pedestrian collision. But if you or a loved one were harmed in such an injury case, a lawyer can help you understand what the other party might owe you. This compensation can go a long way in assisting the healing process. The Redington Beach injury attorney at The Reep Law Firm is here to help.

Economic Damages From a Redington Beach Injury

  • Medical expenses—Medical expenses include all out of pocket and insurance-covered expenses, including doctor visits, ER visits, overnight stays at the hospital, surgeries, prescription medicine, lab work, imaging, and more.
  • Projected medical expenses—A plaintiff’s medical care does not necessarily stop once a personal injury claim is filed. There may be additional surgeries in the coming months, ongoing physical therapy, prosthetic and other medical device expenses, and even lifelong medical care if the plaintiff’s injuries are permanently disabling.
  • Lost wages—Lost wages include income, tips, hourly wages, and other earnings that the victim lost out on while they were in the hospital or at home recovering and unable to perform their normal job duties.
  • Lost earning capacity—Lost earning capacity is the calculated lost earning ability due to long term disability. This is often one of the greatest economic damages in catastrophic injury cases.
  • Property damage—Property damage includes the cost of repairing or replacing the plaintiff’s car, bicycle, motorcycle, clothing, jewelry, electronics, and other personal belongings that were damaged in the incident.
  • Childcare, homecare, and travel expenses—A plaintiff may be entitled to expenses related to childcare, housekeeping, and travel expenses (to and from medical appointments) if they are unable to perform these duties due to their injury.
  • Wrongful death damages—Loved ones of the decedent may be entitled to funeral and burial expenses, and projected lost lifetime earnings of the decedent.

Non-Economic Damages from a Redington Beach Injury

  • Pain and suffering—Pain and suffering includes the physical pain that the victim goes through, as well as the mental anguish. Pain and suffering is often the greatest damage of all in serious personal injury claims.
  • Loss of joy of life—Loss of joy of life refers to the lost capacity of the plaintiff when it comes to being able to participate in sports, hobbies, travel, social activities, and other activities that the person once enjoyed, and now has a limited ability to do.
  • Emotional turmoil—Emotional turmoil or mental anguish is another aspect of pain and suffering and is based on the mental pain a survivor might experience following a traumatic event. Emotional turmoil is also sometimes considered PTSD.
  • Loss of consortium—In a wrongful death claim, the parent, child, or spouse of a decedent may be entitled to loss of consortium, or loss of companionship.

Call a Redington Beach Injury Lawyer at The Reep Law Firm Today

Injured traffic collision survivors, premises accident victims, and those who have been wrongfully killed due to another party’s negligence deserve justice. The Redington Beach injury attorney at The Reep Law Firm is here to help. Call 727-330-6502 to schedule a free consultation today.

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