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Monthly Archives: January 2024


Get Engaged Over The Holidays? Six Reasons To Get A Premarital Agreement In 2024

By Reep Coleman & Stubbendorff |

The holidays are a time for celebrating. If you got engaged between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the 2023 season may have been particularly special. As 2024 begins, you likely have a lot of tasks to complete as part of your wedding plan. Put creating a premarital agreement at the top of your list…. Read More »

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Proving Drowsy Or Distracted Driving Was To Blame For A Car Accident In Pinellas County

By Reep Coleman & Stubbendorff |

When it comes to preventing car accidents in Pinellas, it is important for drivers to avoid the ‘Three D’s’: drowsy, distracted, and drunk driving. All are common causes of crashes and can leave other motorists suffering severe personal injuries. Unfortunately, proving a driver was fatigued or not paying attention can be a challenge. Our… Read More »

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