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Monthly Archives: May 2020


The Consequences of Defying a Domestic Violence Injunction

By Justin Reep |

Domestic violence injunctions can have far-reaching consequences for respondents, who could be forbidden from returning to a shared home and may even have their visitation rights curtailed. Complying with these orders, while difficult, is necessary, as failing to do so can have dire repercussions, including being held in contempt of court, being forced to… Read More »

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Who Can File a Domestic Violence Injunction in Florida?

By Justin Reep |

In Florida, only certain individuals can ask the court for a domestic violence injunction, so if someone has filed a request for a restraining order against you in violation of these rules, you should speak with an experienced Seminole domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible about defending your rights. Filing a Domestic Violence… Read More »

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