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Seminole & Largo Injury Lawyers > Blog > Criminal > Road Rage: Angry, Aggressive Drivers Can Face Serious Criminal Charges In Pinellas County

Road Rage: Angry, Aggressive Drivers Can Face Serious Criminal Charges In Pinellas County


The summer season means soaring temperatures and increased traffic on local roads and near beaches. It is easy to get frustrated while driving, but taking it out on other road users can result in serious criminal charges in Pinellas County. Our Seminole criminal attorney shares a recent, high-profile case involving road rage and the penalties angry, aggressive drivers can face.

St. Pete Fire Chief Charged In Road Rage Incident 

Living in Pinellas County means navigating heavy traffic throughout the summer months. Combined with the heat, it can test your patience, but it is crucial to maintain your composure. Engaging in angry, aggressive driving behavior can escalate a situation, putting not just you but everyone on the road at risk.

This happened recently in the St. Petersburg area. According to a May 24, 2024 Tampa Bay Times news report, an off-duty district fire chief was driving his personal vehicle south on Gulf Boulevard near 175th Avenue when he encountered a cyclist in the shared travel lane. The fire chief reportedly pulled up beside the cyclist and shouted for him to get off the road.

The cyclist yelled back, and an argument ensued. The cyclists finally drove up onto the median strip, but the fire chief followed, intentionally almost striking the cyclist. The chief then got out of his vehicle and physically assaulted the cyclist, shoving him and knocking his cell phone from his hand as he tried to record the incident.

Police eventually arrived at the scene and arrested the fire chief for road rage. He was booked into the Pinellas County Jail and is being held without bail. He was also suspended from his job and faces the loss of his career if convicted.

Penalties For Angry, Aggressive Driving In Florida

It is easy to get aggravated when navigating traffic-congested roads, and cases of road rage routinely make headlines throughout Florida. Drivers face serious criminal charges as a result, but even incidents that do not escalate to the point of physical violence could still carry heavy penalties.

Under the Florida Statutes, angry, aggressive driving is prohibited on roads throughout Pinellas County. This includes speeding, tailgating, cutting others off in traffic, or attempting to race and otherwise compete with other motorists. This type of behavior poses serious hazards to everyone on the road, increasing car accident risks, and could result in the following penalties:

  • Heavy fines and court costs;
  • Loss of your career, if you are a public official or drive for a living;
  • Loss of your driver’s license;
  • A potentially lengthy jail sentence;
  • A permanent criminal record.

Contact Our Pinellas County Criminal Attorney And Request A Consultation Today 

Between the heat and heavy traffic, it is common for drivers to get angry in the summer months. However, losing your cool could result in serious criminal penalties. If you face charges of aggressive driving or road rage, contact The Reep Law Firm. To get the strong legal defense you need, request a consultation with our Seminole criminal attorney today.




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