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Seminole & Largo Injury Lawyers > Blog > Divorce > Five Strategies For Getting The Maximum Amount In A Pinellas County Divorce Settlement

Five Strategies For Getting The Maximum Amount In A Pinellas County Divorce Settlement


Getting a divorce in Pinellas County means that one chapter of your life is closing, but another is about to begin. Decisions you make during this time have the potential to impact you for years after your final divorce order is issued.

Getting what you are entitled to in terms of marital property and assets is important in making a fresh start. Our Seminole divorce attorney shares five strategies to help maximize your divorce settlement.

Your Rights Regarding Marital Property And Assets In A Pinellas County Divorce

When you were married, your finances were likely closely tied to those of your spouse. When getting a divorce in Pinellas County, protecting your own financial security is a top priority. Under the Florida Statutes, marital property in a divorce is divided on an equitable basis.

This means rather than splitting everything 50/50, the court will review all the facts in the case and determine a fair split based on the specific circumstances involved and state laws that apply. Marital assets subject to property division in Pinellas County include:

  • Homes, rental properties, land, and other real estate;
  • Cars, campers, motorcycles, boats, or other vehicles;
  • Household furnishings, including artwork and antiques;
  • Personal items of value, such as jewelry;
  • Collectibles and sporting equipment;
  • Shares in businesses;
  • Digital assets;
  • Retirement and pension funds;
  • Investments and money in bank accounts.

How To Get The Maximum Divorce Settlement

When filing for a divorce through the Pinellas County Court, negotiations between the parties and their legal representatives can help in reaching a divorce settlement agreement. This is generally preferred to having a judge issue an order, as it allows for more personalized arrangements. The following five strategies can help you get the maximum amount you are entitled to and need in making a fresh start:

  1. Make a thorough list of all marital property: Include everything you and your spouse own.
  2. Gather statements for all financial accounts: Include retirement benefits, interest income, and cryptocurrency or other digital assets.
  3. Look for hidden assets: It is common for people to try and hide assets during divorce. Check past tax returns to identify hidden earnings and review local tax records, which can reveal recent transfers or property held in your spouse’s name only.
  4. Consider your rights regarding alimony. You may be entitled to alimony payments in a Pinellas County divorce if you make considerably less than your spouse or sacrificed your own career for theirs.
  5. Provide proof of any marital misconduct. If your spouse had affairs or addiction issues that caused them to deplete assets, you could be entitled to a greater portion of property and assets in a divorce settlement.

To Get The Maximum Settlement, Contact Our Pinellas County Divorce Attorney

 The amount you receive as part of a divorce settlement in Pinellas County impacts your ability to make a fresh start in the aftermath. To get the maximum amount you are entitled to, contact the Reep Law Firm. Request a consultation with our Seminole divorce attorney today.




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