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Six Common Reasons For Being Falsely Accused Of A Crime


Being accused of any type of criminal charges in Seminole is a serious matter. Going through the process of being arrested and having to appear before a judge is harrowing even for the most  hardened criminals. If you have never been in trouble with the law or are falsely accused, the experience can be particularly terrifying. Wrongfully brought charges can impact your family, your job, and your reputation in the community. If convicted, you could be facing heavy fines and a potentially lengthy jail sentence. The following are six common reasons this unfortunate situation can occur.

Wrongfully Accused of Criminal Charges In Seminole?

The goal of the legal system is to protect citizens and ensure that justice is served. Unfortunately, this ends up going wrong in a large number of cases. According to statistics from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, nearly 10 percent of all people charged with a crime are wrongfully accused. Thousands of people are estimated to be serving time in jails and state prisons for crimes they simply did not commit.

Criminal charges can be filed against you on the flimsiest of evidence and without a strong criminal defense attorney on your side, you could be in serious danger of a conviction. Among the most common reasons this can happen include:

  1. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Being at or near the location of a crime when it is committed can automatically make you a suspect. 
  2. A case of mistaken identity. Police often rely on witness statements in making arrests. Based on their mistaken recollections or vague descriptions, you could be pointed to as the person at fault. 
  3. Maliciousness on the part of the victim. This scenario often happens in relationships, where a vindictive partner or ex falsely accuses you of a crime. Even if they relent and recant later, charges can still be filed.  
  4. You were set up by the actual culprit. A competitor, rival, or even a stranger looking to avoid responsibility for their actions may falsely identify you as a suspect when they were actually the one who committed the crime.
  5. You are a victim of legal misconduct. Police officers face heavy pressure from their superiors and the general public to make arrests in criminal cases. Likewise, a prosecuting attorney’s job can be on the line if they fail to make charges stick. This type of miscarriages of justice is all too common.
  6. Misleading forensic evidence. The Innocence Project warns that misleading forensic evidence is responsible for a staggering number of wrongful convictions. Fingerprints, fibers, hairs, and DNA can all be tampered with, misread, or otherwise compromised, falsely connecting you to a crime you did not commit.

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If you have been wrongly accused of a crime, it is important to act fast. To prevent a wrongful conviction and the serious penalties you face, get The Reep Law Firm on your side. Call or contact our Seminole criminal attorney right away to request a consultation.

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