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Seminole & Largo Injury Lawyers > Blog > Criminal > Theft By Fraud: Tampa Man Faces Criminal Charges In Pinellas County For Stealing Nearly Half A Million Dollars

Theft By Fraud: Tampa Man Faces Criminal Charges In Pinellas County For Stealing Nearly Half A Million Dollars


Theft is one of the most common crimes in Pinellas County. While cases range from relatively minor shoplifting offenses to more serious felony crimes, being convicted of any type of theft in Florida can result in severe penalties.

Theft by fraud has become an increasing problem in our digital age. Our Seminole criminal attorney explains more about theft by fraud offenses and the circumstances surrounding a local case, in which a Tampa man is accused of stealing nearly half a million dollars.

Local Man Faces A Lifetime In Prison For Theft By Fraud

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office recently arrested a Tampa man for a series of fraud thefts. They had been working in conjunction with the Clearwater Police Department to identify the suspect, who they say was responsible for stealing close to $450,000 from 36 Pinellas County banks, using nearly two dozen different fraudulent names and stolen identities.

According to a November 2023 Tampa Bay Times news report, a 45-year-old local man faces criminal charges for scheming to defraud and fraudulently using the personal information of others. As his crime involved bank fraud, penalties include up to 30 years in prison for each offense and payment of over $1 million in fines. He is also a suspect in similar crimes throughout Florida, and faces additional charges in Hillsborough and other counties as well.

By stealing his victim’s identities and personal information, the man was able to make unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts. Unfortunately, an increase in online shopping, banking, and other activities has made this type of crime easier and more common to commit.

Fraud Theft Crimes In Pinellas County

Fraud crimes are a serious matter in Pinellas County, and in most cases, involve some type of theft. These crimes are listed under multiple headings in the Florida Statutes, with crimes that include:

  • Impersonating other individuals in conducting financial activities;
  • Stealing their personal information for the purpose of making unauthorized purchases or payments;
  • Mail and advertising fraud, which often involves empty promises and phony business entities;
  • Online fraud, which typically centers around lies, impersonation, and other types of deception;
  • Making fraudulent statements to merchants;
  • Submitting false business reports and making false entries in accounting books, which are common types of employment fraud.

Accusations of theft by fraud can result in felony criminal charges in Pinellas County. These charges can also catch the attention of federal authorities. In addition to the loss of your personal freedom and the heavy fines involved, this type of crime could also result in the seizure of your home, personal property, and financial assets.

Consult Our Pinellas County Criminal Attorney

Theft by fraud is a serious criminal offense in Pinellas County and could result in heavy fines, a lengthy jail sentence, and other harsh penalties. To get the strong legal defense you need, contact the Reep Law Firm. Request a consultation with our Seminole criminal attorney today.




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