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Seminole & Largo Injury Lawyers > Blog > Divorce > Warning Signs A Pinellas County Divorce Could Be In Your Future

Warning Signs A Pinellas County Divorce Could Be In Your Future


Maintaining a marriage can be difficult. Between the pressures of work, family, and dealing with routine problems in life, couples can easily find themselves facing a divorce. If you are wondering whether your own relationship is headed in that direction, our Seminole divorce attorney explains warning signs to be alert for.

Signs Your Seminole Marriage May Be In Serious Trouble

Statistics From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that Florida has one of the highest divorce rates in the country. Roughly 40 percent of all marriages eventually fail. Unfortunately, when one of the parties in the relationship finally takes action in filing for a divorce in Pinellas County, it can come as a complete shock to the other.

It is easy to overlook certain types of problems. However, while this can avoid unpleasant fights, it also allows pressures to build. Signs that could indicate your Seminole marriage is in serious trouble include:

  • You and your spouse fight all the time. All couples fight on occasion, but constant battles could indicate a divorce in your future.
  • There is a lack of communication. The inability to talk to your spouse about your feelings or what is going on makes it hard to identify and resolve problems in the relationship.
  • You spend increasing time apart. Some couples eventually start drifting apart from one another, living separate lives and making a divorce seem like the only appropriate option.
  • Your spouse has become secretive or you have caught them in lies. This could indicate affairs, addictions, or other serious problems. Once trust is betrayed, it is difficult to rebuild.

Can Your Seminole Marriage Be Saved?

Most married couples go through occasional rough patches in their relationship. In some cases, the ability to work your way through difficult times can make your marriage stronger in the long run. However, there are some common signs that a marriage may be damaged beyond repair and that the best option may be filing for a divorce through the Pinellas County Family Court. These include:

  • You or your spouse refuses to acknowledge problems: Ignoring serious issues in your relationship does not make them go away.
  • You or your spouse refuses to take responsibility for your part: Problems are common in relationships but being unable to admit where you might be wrong is a hard hurdle to overcome.
  • You or your spouse refuses to attend marriage counseling: Refusal to attend counseling or get other help is a common warning sign.
  • Your spouse has begun a relationship with someone else: Be aware that while ‘grounds’ for divorce in Pinellas County are not required, marital misconduct on the part of your spouse can entitle you to a larger divorce settlement.

Request A Consultation With Our Seminole Divorce Attorney 

Going through a break-up is never easy. To get the caring support you need and the legal guidance required to protect your rights, contact Reep Law Firm. Request a confidential consultation with our Pinellas County divorce attorney today.




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